Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guys' night out and Obama dilemma

I had drinks after work tonight, so the boys went out to dinner at the pizza joint. Brody had a whole slice of cheese pizza, some garlic knots, and a bag of potato chips. And lemonade. Not the healthiest meal, but pretty good for having TEF.
Now the Obama dilemma.
He's coming on Sunday to Denver. I just got the email. The gates open at 10am. That means he will probably speak around 12:30, right?

The wrinkle. Jeremy has to work this weekend, doing inventory. His company is about to lay off 700 workers (not him, thank God) but still - he has to be there.
Which means I have Brody. Which is normally fine except. . . .
I'll be by myself,
at a large political rally in downtown Denver,
during Brody's nap time (11:30-2:30pm).
Here's the thing. Brody comes first. I didn't caucus for Obama, because Brody needed to be asleep, it was freezing and icy.
I haven't seen Obama before in Colorado because it was during the work week.
I had to refuse tickets to see Obama's acceptance speech during the DNC because we were in Salt Lake not having surgery at Shriner's. Instead I watched the acceptance speech in the kitchen of the Ronald McDonald house. By myself. Eating a stale donut.
Now I feel there's a sense of urgency if I ever want to see Obama in person, even from half a mile away. There are 2 weeks left in this election. I sincerely doubt Obama is coming back to Colorado after this weekend. (Especially now that McCain is pulling most of his ads on the local stations and the GOP is pulling its money out of the congressional races here - at the same time, the Obama campaign did just open TWO more offices this week in our little suburb of Denver).
So I feel like it's now or never, right?
But. . . when he was here in the spring, he filled up a stadium, there were lines weaving around the stadium, and people waited a couple of hours to hear, let's face it, a stump speech. I've probably already heard the speech he'll give on Sunday, right?
But. . . it's a chance to see Obama speak live. Obama, whose speeches invariably give me chills and make me think of my dad (a great American) and Brody's future (as a great American).
But. . . toddler at a political rally during said toddler's nap time? Would toddler have fun? Is it safe? Responsible?


Dawn said...

That is a big dilemma, but I say Go! I faced this same dilemma 2 weeks ago when Obama was in town, but I had 2 kids to take. I chickened out and did not go because it was raining, and was very disappointed. I lucked out completely though because he came back yesterday and I DID get to see him! It was an amazing once in a lifetime experience in my opinion! I went without the kids...which of course was much easier, but I saw many other people there with children!! It was just sooo cool! E-mail me if you have any more questions for me about my experience at his rally!!

SaRaH said...

GO. Nap times are hardly more important than once in a lifetime experiences. Nora skips naps for MUCH less... :P GO