Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Me to Liam: What's your name?
Brody: Don't tell him, mommy. It's HIS responsibility to know.
"This is my brother. Isn't he cute?"
Brody, introducing Liam to his first grade class.
Brody told me he saw my dad on a Friday, that my dad was behind him & he saw little circles of him in the sunlight. My dad passed away in 1989. Brody said that now he knows my dad has always been with him, & when Brody's with me, my dad is with us too. ♥
Brody thanked the flight crew for a nice ride as we exited the aircraft- they then called him back on so he could go in the cockpit, and then let him use the microphone to say "Hi mom!" a few times over
the PA system.
"You know what's worse than choking? Putting your head on fire."
I was having a bad hair day so I put on a baseball cap. At which point Brody said, "You look like a stranger. The kind of stranger who takes kids."

Once Brody explained, "I'm lucky, mommy. To make 4, I just hold up all my fingers, cause I only -have- 4 fingers. You guys have to hold your thumbs down to make 4. So that's why -I'm-lucky."

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cleaning house

I am just dreadful at cleaning house. I see all the time these articles and blogs and schedules on how to do it. And ... I can't. I don't. I won't. I refuse? It's so overwhelming to me. Am I doing it right? Enough? It's impossible. I feel better equipped to give shots to people.

Same thing with crafts. On pinterest. I got dragged onto pinterest like I did onto Facebook. And what's there? Millions of crafts and meals that are so beyond my attention span...Will I ever, in reality, make my own chalkboard paint or sew my own ombré curtains? Am I less of a person because I didn't make chicken parmesan meatloaf muffins or Santa strawberries?

I fancy myself a good cook, I can make my own bread and my boeuf bourgignon is worthy of a Parisian cafe. But I can't - or won't - make witches' brooms using pretzels sticks.

I also did a Groupon thing at one of those make ahead meal places. I made 15 meals. I froze them. They are supposed to save me time. They only annoyed me. Took up way too much room in the freezer and didn't taste all that great. And weren't very convenient.

I guess my point is this: if something will make my life run smoother, look prettier, or work faster, I'm not interested in it on any level.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm back

I guess I needed a break.

A lot has changed.

I went from full time employee to stay at home mom to, now, a part-time work from home mom.

Brody just turned six and is in first grade.

Liam will be 2 in 3 months and, ever since watching the synchronized diving during the Olympics, he likes to "dive" off of anything: steps, chairs, curbs, etc.

Husband got a new, much better paying job.

I still haven't done all the laundry.