Monday, October 6, 2008


Brody demands that I sing "Rock a bye baby" to him.

I never sang this song to him because I think it's a fairly unhappy, violent song. I think he learned it at daycare. So one night, when I was singing to him and rocking him to sleep, every song I picked he interrupted and said "no, no." Then he started saying "baby, mommy, baby." It dawned on me what he wanted and so it began.

Lately when I sing it, even if he is almost asleep, he sings it with me. In his soft, lilting, high pitched gentle voice. He doesn't know the words really, but he still sings it. And after I sing it once, I usually hum the music for a time, then go back to the words.

Brody will even hum it with me.

Every time he does it I think my heart will burst with joy and I tear up and squeeze him as tightly as I dare.


I am Mary S. said...

Aren't those moments the best? I remember once when Catie was tiny - a month old - I was sick with the stomach flu and was nursing a practically broken thumb that I had slammed in the car door. Anyway, I was feeding her and rocking her and singing to her, just wanting to lay her down because I was exhausted and felt horrible, and as I was singing she looked up and smiled at me... and I forgot I was sick and hurt my thumb. I just stayed and rocked her because I didn't want to let go.

Christine said...

Aww. . . jeez. . . that made me tear up, Mary!

Jacque said...

You know, Phoebe hates Rock a bye baby. It makes her cry. She says "Don't sing that song" and gets the saddest pucker. I have caught her singing it to her baby dolls though. Maybe she just doesn't like me singing it.

Brody's singing sounds precious.

Dawn said...

That is sooo sweet!

SaRaH said...

nothing better ever

Kristin said...

*tear* How PRECIOUS is that?!

Alina said...

Love that story. :)

You know, I never minded that song until Fintan was born. Then I changed the words: "...the cradle won't fall, cause mommy will catch you cradle and all".