Saturday, October 25, 2008

Decision, photos and trial video

This is how Brody felt during the first presidential debate (these are old photos). He got a fever. Mocha the dog got protective. He woke up almost immediately after the debate. I think he was too nervous about the debate and it manifested itself in a fever.

There is nothing better after shoving fistfuls of french fries into your mouth than an ice cold milk.

After eating his first funnel cake, Brody ran for about 20 minutes. Daddy had to follow behind him.

An "action" shot of Brody, surprising the dogs while playing "Hide." There is not seeking in Brody's version of Hide. Just hiding.

And . . . . we're going to see Obama tomorrow. Here's why: when I was little (under 10?), my mom took me to see the Ice Capades. Part of the show was that a sled was brought out, and kids could get on the sled and be led around the ice arena. I remember when my mom asked me if I wanted to get on the sled, I cried because I was too scared. Then the other kids got on, and the sled pulled away, and at that instant, I wanted to be on the sled.

But it was too late. There was nothing anybody could do. The sled was gone. I cried and cried.

So I'm going tomorrow.
Finally, I just wanted to see how a video would look on the blog. I took it while we were at one of Jeremy's lacrosse games about 2 weeks ago.
Needless to say, after watching it, I have confirmed my suspicions that Brody will never walk the straight and narrow.


Jacque said...

Love the video! I like the shuffle, shuffle then waddle, waddle! So cute. Much easier to straddle that than walk on it.

I responded to your last post, but don't know what happened to it, I don't see it on there. But I said to go to see Obama, so I'm glad you've decided to go! Have fun!

SaRaH said...

Love his walk and his apt reaction to the debates.