Thursday, October 9, 2008


Jeremy left on Tuesday morning. It's now Thursday morning, and Brody has been talking nonstop about Daddy and the airplane. Thank the gods Jeremy gets back tonight.

Brody saw the same make and model of car that Jeremy drives in the parking lot last night and I had to physically restrain him from running across the parking lot to see "Daddy car! Daddy car!"

As a result, Brody called his daddy last night, and he just kept saying "Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy!" It was especially poignant because usually Brody does not like to talk on the phone if there is an actual person on the other end. But for his father, he did. Jeremy said "I miss you, buddy! Daddy loves you! Can't wait to see you!" And Brody just kept repeating "Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy!" and then he abruptly switched to "Bye Daddy! Bye Daddy!" I could tell from Jeremy's suddenly hoarse voice that he wanted to keep talking. I can't wait to see their reunion today.


I noticed something the other day that Brody does when I am sitting next to him. If we are seated side by side, on the couch, in a restaurant, in the car (if I'm in the back seat with him, not the other way around) he places his arm on my arm. Last night we went out to dinner, and I noticed while he was eating his grilled cheese with his left hand, he had his right hand on my arm. I gently removed it, to see if it was a fluke. Nope. Brody said, "No mommy" and put his hand right back on my arm. When I noticed he was doing it purposefully, I asked him for a kiss, and he gave me one.


We had a great dinner, except Brody doesn't yet understand the waiting period that is a necessary part of each restaurant experience. When we walked into Red Robin, he was very happy and couldn't wait to sit down. But when he looked at our empty table, and the other tables with food, he started screaming "Ummies Ummies!!!!" Until the waitress brought him some oyster crackers. I appreciate his sense of equality - if others eat, he should have food too - but it really was a bit embarrassing.


Brody stepped on my bare foot last night with his shoes on. He did it on purpose so I told him, "Brody, you hurt mommy. Please don't step on my feet." He then kneeled down and kissed my foot, and looked up proudly at me. I thanked him and said my foot was all better. He grinned. I think he stepped on my foot just so he could make it all better.

And he did.


Jacque said...

He's such a sweet little guy! I love how he wants his hand on your arm. Phoebe has a thing with my arms too. She rubs my arm when she's sleepy or I'm holding her and she drinks her milk. Chloe used to rub my ear, so I'll take arm over ear any day. :)

Shannon said...

Could he BE any sweeter??? This post made me cry! But then again, I have PMS so lots of things make me cry.

SaRaH said...

Welcome home, Daddy! Brody is the sweetest thing ever.

Alina said...

Aw, what a sweetie! Lol about the foot stomp and the kiss better. They can be so sweet and so rotten all at once.