Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things to remember

Brody requests certain songs in that when going to bed, after the stories and the milk, when the two of us are just rocking. He will say "row row row row" if he wants "Row row row your boat," and he says "baby" if he wants "Rock a bye baby." He really really loves Rock a bye baby.

He is completely attached to his blankies. When I cover him and I in it when he sits on my lap, he gets all giggly and smiley and moves his legs like he's running because he's so excited. And he protests if, when I lay him in his crib, I don't properly cover him with them. And he says it just like I did "bakie, bakie." I never knew he cared how I covered him until he started protesting one night when I did it incorrectly.

Sometimes when Brody looks at me, he'll say "No mama!" pointing at me with his pinkie finger. I can tell he's about to laugh because he purses his mouth and holds his position, pretending to scold me, until I laugh, and then he does too. He likes to pretend-scold me, as I really scold him.

Hide. Brody loves to play hide, either on our bed or anywhere his blankie is. It never fails to make me laugh. Seeing Brody, siting up, with a blanket over his head, usually because he asked me to put it over his head, and him thinking that he's actually hiding. Jeremy or I have to say "Where's Brody? Where are you Brody?" Then Brody giggles and moves because he's so excited, and then we have to whip the blanket off his head, or he whips it off his own head, and we are so very surprised to see him!!!! Then he wants to do it over and over. One day I'm going to just let him do it until he gets sick of it. So far, I think we've done it around 12 times in a row.

He has started to say mommy and daddy, instead of mama or dada. Except when he says "daddy," he does so with an English accent. It sounds like "dahhddy" and he'll say it long and searchingly, "dahhh------deeeeeeeeee."

Brody has the high score on tetris on the iphone. He beat Jeremy and I. Seriously.

I decided that if you can't laugh watching Brody (trying to) eat a piece of spaghetti or ramen noodle, you are really in a bad mood. Because even with the flu, and vomiting, etc, he still made me laugh trying to shove that noodle into his mouth.

I looked at him coloring the other day in daycare. He was with the 2-4 year old kids, since he is now TWO. Even without thumbs, he colors just the same (ok, better than) the other kids who are older, and have thumbs. Just sayin.

In the Two's room, however, things are rough. He got hit in the face Friday and Monday, fighting over a toy. Apparently a little boy wanted Brody's toy, Brody didn't want to share (shocking) and so he screamed at the other kid. So the other kid whacked him. They don't tell us who the other kids are that our kid gets into fights with, and it's a good thing too, because Jeremy and I are not pleased.

Yesterday, Brody was running at daycare, and fell. And one of his teeth was loose. So me on my death bed with the flu, I go pick him up. Mouth bloody, tooth loose - what does Brody want? A cracker. Saltine cracker. Eats it as I drive him to the dentist.

At the dentist? Running around like a crazy man while I fill out his insurance. I don't even know if we have dental insurance on him.

We see the dentist. Either the tooth will be fine, it will fall out, or it will die and have to come out. Not much to do for loose baby teeth. Brody brushed his teeth in front of the dentist just for show.

The dentist noticed his overbite and said "Is he sucking his thumb a lot?" And as he's saying his, he picked up Brody's hand, and as I'm opening my mouth to say "He doesn't have thumbs" the dentist notices this (he hadn't before) and sort of startles. I quickly fill in the details. The dentist and the nurses - who hadn't noticed - are now amazed watching Brody brush his teeth, now knowing not only does this kid have a loose tooth, but an absence of thumbs.

It's weird how pride and love and awe for your child just wants to burst out at the strangest moments.


Jacque said...

What a great little boy!

SaRaH said...

I bet that kid hit Brody because he heard about his Tetris score and mad coloring skills.