Friday, September 26, 2008

I figured it out!!! I figured it out!!!!!

We have a fantastic pediatrician's office. Children's Medical Center in Denver. Our first ped, Dr. Mary, just left the practice and so we chose another one of the peds.

This is our new ped: Dr. Jay (are all pediatricians referred to by their first name? It's so weird to me. I don't even know the first name of most of my doctors. Well, one I knew: Dr. Tracy Hofeditz. Jeremy saw Dr. Hofeditz a few times for various maladies, then when I had an ear infection, I saw Dr. Hofeditz. You should have seen my face when Tracy turned out to be a man. Cruel, cruel parents.)

At any rate, Brody's new ped is Dr. Jay:

Recognize him? Because that is a photo of Harold Ramis.

I saw Dr. Jay Tuesday, and it finally dawned on me that he looked familiar. And today I figured it out.

And I don't mean that Dr. Jay resembles Harold Ramis, or looks like he could be a relative of Harold Ramis.

I mean that, as I sit here right now, remembering Dr. Jay's voice and mannerisms, I kind of think that Harold Ramis is actually a pediatrician in Denver masquerading as Dr. Jay Markson.

And I have to write about it here, because it is so obvious now, that I can't say anything to Dr. Jay because I am sure he gets the comment at least daily. I would bet money he has been asked for his autograph by people thinking he is the guy from Ghostbusters. And now I really want to tell him -- which is a weird impulse anyway -- but I want to tell him "Hey, you look like Harold Ramis" as if Dr. Jay could not possibly know that and I would be telling him something new.

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