Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another monumental moment

Brody's first swear word: Shit.

He said it shortly after I spilled hot coffee on myself. And apparently, after I said it.

Perfect pronunciation.


SaRaH said...

Well, shit. He's a genius!

Robyn said...

Awesome. I love it.

I'm actually not terribly opposed to profanity on principle. My mom keeps telling me that Rylie's kindergarten teacher isn't going to care about my logical explanation of why "words are just words"... Oh well.

tanya or MOM said...

Oh how they love to repeat! Umm my husband is a truck driver! LOL! Hopfully Nodin will not growup talking like one!

Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Bwwwaaaaaahahahahahhahahahaaaa!!! I LOVE it! LOVE it!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Kristin said...

That is GREAT!!!! LOL.

LOVE it!!