Monday, November 29, 2010

THIS week?!?

Just over 48 hours. Getting extremely nervous. Having twinges of dark thoughts reminiscent of Brody's terrifying entry into this world.

If I don't immediately answer my phone, I get repeat calls until I do to make sure I haven't given birth. (Trust me, when little man arrives, I'm going to put the royal engagement announcement to shame).

Brody is SO excited. J and I.... are excited? Ok, we are .... deer in headlights? In denial? Feeling overwhelmed already? Looking forward to the percoset I get? In disbelief still? I mean, I've been in disbelief for months. But for a few days it seemed like we had caught up with reality. But reality has lapped us once again.

Christmas tree up, 3 stockings up, car seat installed, batteries for swing in place. J asked me which hospital I am giving birth at, and I knew the answer.

So, you know, we are completely on top of it.

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Michele said...

I remember the days right before Adam's birth. Even though we'd had 4 miscarriages and gone through fertility drugs and the whole ordeal, and had a complication-fraught pregnancy, about 3 days before he was born, Mike and I looked at each other and said, "Who thought this would be a good idea?" LOL! You'll be fine! And now you've got a little helper to fetch diapers!

Robyn said...

Well, I am stinkin' excited. Ecstatic. Delirious. Hysterical. I get this butterfly feeling in my stomach when I think about Liam. You cuddle that baby close and kiss him for me.

Stacy and Jon said...

Thinking of you every moment. I cannot wait to get my hands on his delicious newborn skin and smell his sweet breath. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly, like a happy dream come true.