Thursday, November 18, 2010

38. Thirty eight!!! Weeks, that is.

14 days.

Two weeks from this moment, I will have a new son to hold (December 2, 2010)

38 week appointment stats: no change in weight from last week.

I have fat face though. And my wedding ring is a smidge tight. No edema elsewhere though.

Blood pressure: 112/72
Non stress test: excellent. Baby doing really well. Having some contractions, the kind I can't feel, but show up on the monitor. But my other parts aren't dilated.

Doc said I do NOT have to be on magnesium sulfate if I never develop pre-eclampsia. That would be lovely. I remember - sort of - mag sulfate. I couldn't sit up (kept tipping over in the bed), I couldn't cool down (had the room down to 50 and was still flushed and sweating), I had no muscle control, I didn't want to move, talk or keep my eyes open. People would talk to me and I'd just pass out in the middle of their sentence. For 24 hours after delivery. Complete blob. But, you know, I lived through pre-eclampsia with no seizures, so win-win.

One more doctor visit before the c-section - next Wednesday. Then I work the day after Thanksgiving, then..... FIVE DAYS OFF before the c-section! Don't tell my husband, but I might act like I'm on mag sulfate for some of those days.

This weekend I have a baby shower to attend - and it's mine! I'm very lucky some friends at work insisted on throwing it for me. I am much more excited about it than I thought I would be.
Baby room. Well, the stuff is in there. Except for the dresser. That's in the garage. Bit of a problem. Baby's clothes are all washed. Sheets are on the crib and changing pad. It's just that my clothes, Brody's clothes, guest bed comforter, and our comforters all need to be washed. And put away. God I hate putting laundry away. What is this nesting thing? I don't have that gene.
Winding down at work. Male coworkers are being really sweet. One coworker, a single man in his 50s with no kids, remarked how much better this pregnancy was going than the other one, and how happy he was about that. It was very sweet not just because of what he said, but because *he* said it. sigh. The HR lady volunteered to calculate how much leave I have and will need (I have enough time for one week of paid leave!) and advised me to apply for the leave bank. More love. The rest of my coworkers are surprised every day when I walk in the door. If I'm late a little bit, they start to worry and I get texts and calls (so far, I'm only late because it takes longer to waddle from the parking lot than to walk).

Then my husband. Sometimes I just catch him looking at my stomach. It's huge, really. He still hasn't felt the bubba moving, but he's felt a stationery head and/or bottom and freaked out over it. I love making him feel the baby's body parts.

Then Brody, sweet Brody. In the freezer aisle at the grocery store, he asked me for a hug, and while I was crouched down to give him one, he said, "The 3 of us are hugging each ozzer."
And every night he asks me to sing the "Brody Love Song," as we call it, this silly little song I made up when he was a little baby and crying and I wanted to soothe him. I've added in the name we think his brother will have:
Daddy loves mommy,
Daddy loves Brody,
Daddy loves [probable name of brother]
Daddy loves the doggies.

We are one big family,
Everybody loves.
We are one big family,
And we like to hug.

Then the next verse switches the names around (and so on) so every one of us is mentioned: Mommy loves daddy, mommy loves Brody, etc etc. Sometimes I have to sing just the parts when he and his brother are the subjects of the sentence (or objects?)


14 days.

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Joey said...

LOVE THIS! I can feel how excited you are!!!! I'm proud of you for not having a complete nervous breakdown! Love ya! Blessed Be!