Monday, November 22, 2010


I am huge. I shock people when they haven't seen me in a week or two. I didn't think I was a vain person as far as my appearance, but WOW am I ever these days. Which is so pathetic.

I can barely see the book in front of me when I read to Brody each night. I've given up bending over. I have really sharp pains just trying to move around. I waddle, and people stare at me in public. As in, holy hell, she's still pregnant??

Anyway, two nights ago I was reading to Brody, and I couldn't even stomach (ha!) sitting up to read to him. When we finished the book, I fell back against the sofa, and said more to myeslf than Brody, "One day mommy will be pretty again. And I won't be stinky anymore."
And he replied, "You're pretty even if you ARE stinky."

Shamelessly fishing for more compliments, I said "I am?"

"Yeah," he said, "even when you're stinky you're pretty."
Brody: Will my bruzza be my friend?

Me: Yes, he will. He's going to love you and you're going be his best friend.

Brody: Good.

I love that kid. This little one has some big shoes to fill. Even if he is his own miracle.

Ten days.

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Robyn said...

Stinky? I doubt you're stinky :-)

Those bruzzas are going to be two peas in a pod. <3