Sunday, November 28, 2010


On the carousel today, he hadn't been on one for a few months, he was squealing and giggling with pure kid glee. Then he said, still laughing, "I can't keep my mowf closed!"

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Stacy and Jon said...

I am relieved to see your post here. I left you a couple of messages yesterday and didn't hear back so I thought maybe you were at the hospital. Why else would anyone not return my calls immediately?! OK, I only think such things about my friends who are 39 weeks pregnant. My concern was a great excuse to catch up on your blog and get teary-eyed. You must wonder how it is possible that you could love anyone as much as you love Brody. What a miracle that you get to fall in love like that all over again (and incredibly wind up loving Brody even a little more, too)!