Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two early Christmas presents

1. J is officially NOT laid off.

2. When J came home last night, he slipped a ring on Brody's finger and then said "Oh, look, what's that?" I looked down, and it was the ring from which the pony ate the sapphire. There was a new center stone in it.

J explained that he had swiped my ring from my dresser, and taken it to the jeweler to find a new center sapphire for Christmas. But, he became concerned that I'd think I had lost the ring, so he got it from the jeweler and gave it to me early.

Now this next part may not seem especially romantic, but it was to me. It's my favorite part of this story:

J explained to me that the jeweler couldn't find a center stone that didn't cost a small fortune. I looked down - there was a blue stone in the center. What's this then? I asked. He said the jeweler just gave him the stone to have in the ring for now - it's crystal or something - until we find a sapphire that we can afford.

My heart melted. Because money is tight, we have so many medical bills, layoffs are a potential, and I'm nervous. And my husband is a classic spendthrift. But he is trying to be better. And so for him to not buy something is more thoughtful than if he had gotten the stone already, which probably would have made me insane with frustration. And because of the nice jeweler, I can wear the ring again. Happy Christmas to me!


Jacque said...

Yay! How thoughtful of J! Merry Christmas!

Hez said...

Awe! The whole thing is so thoughtful!!
Heather (Hex06 SF group)

Heather said...

I'm so happy that all is okay with J's job.

And the ring... so sweet.

Alina said...

Potential layoffs are so scary! I'm glad he's safe from that. And I agree, it's restraining himself for your benefit that is the best thing he could do. Way to go, J!