Monday, December 22, 2008

Brody's first prayer

Brody said his first prayer ever (well, that I know about), and it was for Dante. I told him to fold his hands, and he did. Then I said the words. And then he whispered them. It was so cute and heartbreaking all at once.

Dear God,
Please help Dante.
Give him peace.
Help his mommy and daddy.
Give them peace.

I thought maybe that because we did the first prayer in the dark at night, that he thought he should whisper. So the next day we did it in the morning, in daylight.

He still whispered.

I swear he knew what we were doing.


SaRaH said...

Brody knows that God is listening very closely to him. No need to shout. What a kid.

Robyn said...

Beautiful. God hears all prayers. And I believe with all my heart that when children die, they are taken to be with God forever.

Robyn said...

Oh, and for some reason, Rylie ALWAYS whispers when she prays. Maybe it is a baby thing?