Friday, December 26, 2008

This is how Brody rolls. . . .

Sporting his helmet, courtesy of Santa.

Thank you for the birthday and Christmas wishes.

Brody had a great Christmas. Jeremy and I both think this was, essentially, his first Christmas, even though technically it was his third. Anyone else feel that way? This is the first Christmas he was aware of Santa and all of the trimmings.

We "ran out of" (ie, accidentally ate the intended) cookies for Santa, so we left out peanut butter crackers for him. Santa took a bite from each one. Then Brody ate the rest for breakfast.

As I predicted, after I told him Santa had been here, Brody kept asking "Where go Santa?" Because, of course, we'd been telling him for weeks that Santa was coming. He just didn't realize that Santa also goes rather quickly. He has a lot of ground to cover.
I think Brody's favorite gift was the huge toy rockabike (motorcycle) that is 14 inches long, and makes motorcycle noises, and the easel, and the sword and helmet. And the train set. Not a bad Christmas for Brody.

I made eggs benedict with bacon for breakfast. We watched a Christmas Story. It was rather nice just the three of us.

Which leads me to this. I have a friend who is married. They are in their 30's, no kids. They live in a state other than either set of parents. She hates travel at Christmas, and vowed that this was the last year they would travel for Christmas, kids or not, because she wanted to start making their own traditions around Christmas.

I have another friend, also married. Also in their 30's. Also living in a state other than their respective parents. They travel every year to one family or the other at Christmas, and I don't think have ever spent Christmas just the two of them.

I was trying to remember what Jeremy and I did, but as a friend pointed out, we have family embedded here in Denver - on both sides. So which is it for you? To travel or not on Christmas. If you have kids, do you travel to see family? If you don't have kids, do you travel?

I hate traveling at the holidays, and so does Jeremy. So we've never done it I don't think. I like our house and having Christmas within its walls. But even before we had Brody, we liked to spend the morning just the two of us, before visiting our embedded relatives in town. I guess there is no right or wrong, just whatever makes you happy.

But if you had your druthers (I love that word), which would you choose? Travel to see family or stay in your own home for Christmas?


Jacque said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! I do feel like it's the first year Phoebe really gets it. We mostly stay home for Christmas, and that's the way I like it. We see my parents and sister in the evening on Christmas Day, but that's only a few miles away. We see my grandparents on Christmas Eve, both nearby. We do travel a 100 miles or so to my in-laws but we do that the Sunday after Christmas. I like Christmas at home, at our house, with our little family. That's what Christmas is about to me.

SaRaH said...

I love sir Brody. We always travel and while I guess I wouldn't mind staying home, I'd miss the family. Whenever Joe balks at the travel, I remind him that we will want Nora to bring us our grandchildren one day...

andrea said...

What a cute pic. I bet he feels very important with that helmet I know I would. My nephews would love that. Thanks for visiting Kenzie she loves to have new friends and so do I. I am having a really hard time right now with her weight and issues with milk!!!! Did you have any problems switching him to whole milk?? Anyway I am going to post christmas pics right now. They are funny. She is so small she fit in my parents sleigh that is suppossed to be for little stuffed animals!

Makenzie and Mommy Andrea

Robyn said...

We travel, but not too far. The parents and in-laws are both abour an hour away. The thing I have put my foot down on, though, is seeing BOTH families on Christmas day. It's just too much. Christmas should be FUN and RELAXING, not hurryhurryhurryhurry to get to the next place. This year was pretty good in that respect, I think.