Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little levity

Does everyone who has children talk in their child's language? You know what I mean, that certain way of pronouncing words that only your child(ren) has?

Jeremy and I talk to each other in Brody's language. When one of us needs a shower first thing in the morning, we have wrinkled our noses and bared our teeth and said disdainfully, "Drrdeee."

When we refer to the Christmas tree, we pronounce it "ochadeese." As in, "Can you turn on the ochadeese lights?"

"Can you get me something to drink? Peeeeeeeezzzz?" (While signing the please sign on our side)

We have drawn the line and do not address each other as "mommy" or "daddy" when Brody is not in our presence. However, when he is, we still do. Because Brody started calling us "Jemmy" and "Kiss", and then, recently, just "hon," as in Brody repeating Jeremy.

J: Thanks, hon.

B: Anksh un.

The only sound I cannot recreate that Brody makes is the "sh" or "ch" sounds. When he says "bus" or "lunch" he practically whistles at the last group of letters. I think we have a lisp on the way.

Are we the only ones doing this stuff?


Jacque said...

LOL, we do it too. :)

Tiffany said...

You're not alone! We do it too!