Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photos of our trip

Even eating cheerios in the morning, Brody is the handsomest little man in the world.

Having fun at the playground

Brody's aunt has a chocolate lab, named Fred. Brody did not understand that Fred was not his chocolate lab, Kahlua. Brody was glued to Fred the whole time, calling him Kakka, which is Brody speak for Kahlua. This is the only photo I could get of Brody and Fred, because Fred generally walked away as soon as Brody spotted him. As Brody's cousin Walker, age 3, said, Brody sure likes dogs.

Besides the dog, Brody loved helmets. I think it's because helmets signal something fun is about to happen. When Jeremy wears a helmet, it means Brody will get to see a motorcycle. In Brody's case, it means he's going on a bike ride!
Brody's first bike ride. Jeremy took him on the back of his bike, and afterBrody saw me on my bike, he said "Mama bike! Mama bike!" about 30 times.

In front of the house at Sunriver

Wow. . . a TV with controls that Brody can reach!

Brody refused to smile when I tried to take our self portrait.

I told Brody to hold onto Jeremy's ears, which delighted Brody. Jeremy not so much.

Oregon has much bigger trees than Colorado.


My Carousel of Progress said...

looks like you all had a wonderful vacation...and much deserved!!

SaRaH said...

I love, love, love the photos of you and Jeremy with Brody. SO cute. Specially that one with the earhandles.

Jacque said...

Love the pics!