Thursday, August 7, 2008

Procrastination and cloned dogs

I was going to write my surprisingly vehement rant against cloning dogs, how "cloning" money is counterfeiting and it's illegal, how "cloning" a check is called fraud, and that too is illegal, when I searched to find pictures of the woman who sold her house to be able to afford the $50,000 in cloning fees. . . .

I found an article claiming the cloning woman was actually a fugitive wanted for kidnap and sexual assault against a Morman man in the 1970s in England and then escaped from England and disappeared from the grasp of authorities.

I will say that I was fairly suspicious because the original headline I saw was on Fox News, and that is not exactly what I would call a reliable source. I was also fairly doubtful that the woman from the 1970's was the cloning puppy woman. Because (a) what are the chances and (2) wouldn't a fugitive be smarter than that?

Until I saw the photos.

That's the same woman, isn't it? To read the lurid details of the kidnap case, click here.

This makes me even more fearful for the cloned puppies. I seriously question the mental health of someone who spends $50,000 to replace the dead dog (named Booger, which is wrong and offensive to me as a dog lover) five times over.

I'm not against cloning exactly; I think perhaps that for medical reasons it could be very beneficial. For example, if we could somehow clone Brody's kidney, then he would have two and I would stop having my infrequent but annoying 4am panic attacks about needing kidney transplants.

But here, this woman was just sad because her dog died. I was sad when my dog died. I cried for weeks. Years. I would not have cloned him. Lucky was one of a kind. So was Booger: the cloned dog has no memory of the original dog.

Question: What's the difference, really, between a new puppy and a cloned puppy?

Answer: $50,000.

Unless, apparently, you are also the kind of person who kidnaps your crushes.

I wonder, if it is the same woman, if she has thought during the last several months, "Too bad I couldn't clone that guy I kidnapped and forced to have sex with me."

So my point is, my procrastination in posting about the cloning actually paid off, because now we have this fantastic story about the cloning woman actually being a wanted fugitive in England. Sweet.

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SaRaH said...

LMAO. "Too bad I couldn't clone that guy I kidnapped and forced to have sex with me."