Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photos from the DNC streets

I walked around downtown at lunch taking photos. It's hard to take photos of crazy looking people, because you can't really ask them if it's okay to take a photo of them, because then they will know you only took the photo because you think they are crazy looking.

Anyway, this is in the driveway of a hotel. Notice the black SUV and the six armed law enforcement types.

The Mississippi delegation planted the tree this tag was stapled on.
Fox News? Yeah, Fox news interviewing some poor hapless dems.
Signage all over.
Non busy side street.
Heard outside this store: "They want way too much money for this stuff."

A gaggle of heavy armed police types (on the right) just happen to be talking to the young Rock the Vote chicks on the left.

One of my goals was to snap a Secret Service guy. Here he is. On the left. Can you see the earpiece?
Roving SWAT team? These guys all had machine guns. Notice the guy on the right with the machine gun in his hands?

More cops outside the Hard Rock. Because that is where all the terrorists like to hang.

Painted cover of 5280 magazine on the side of a brick building.

Band playing on top of a truck sponsored, apparently, by Qdoba.

More merchandise.

On board with Obama in 08.

Dog tags with Obama photos, and Obama figurine pins.

This was my favorite vendor.

Obama onesies.

Posters and postcards.

More merchandise.


SaRaH said...

the things I'm taking away from your photojournalism coverage:

1) Obama Jama

2) Al Qaeda cells may be found in Hard Rock Cafes. To be safe, I am also going to steer clear of Rainforest Cafes and Johnny Rockets.

3) I couldn't help but notice 'Temporary Tattoos'. Are they Obama related? If so, can you please get one?

pattinase (abbott) said...

Aren't you glad you didn't have to take photos of the Republicans?

Robyn said...

OMG, I'm so jealous. How fun! Gotta say I'm loving the figurine pins. I might have to get one and wear it All. The. Time. LOL