Friday, August 22, 2008

Thumb pollicization

In 6 days, Brody gets a thumb. On his right hand.

I just saw a blog post from another Colorado mom whose son Benjamin just had this surgery done. It's very exciting but the photos are graphic, so if you don't like photos of stitches, don't go here.

Dawn is the only other mom in Colorado I know whose son has Vacterl, and the only other mom I've talked to whose son had the pollicization procedure. When you have an ill child, or a child with any kind of medical issues, you gravitate towards other parents who share your child's story and feel this instant connection with them. That is why we are so very happy for Benjamin and his whole family!

Let's hope Brody stays healthy so he can have this surgery next Thursday!


Robyn said...

I looked at the pics and it seems like a really amazing thing to me that they are able to do this! Congrats to Benjamin and all my good wishes for Brody.

Kristin said...

Prayers that little Brody stays healthy until his surgery! I just checked out the pics, and I also think that is amazing how they can do that!! Can't wait to see pics of Brody's new little hand. ;)

Wendy & Nathan said...

The surgery looks like an amazing procedure. I hope that Brody stays well enough to get it done. I'll be praying for him (and you).

My Carousel of Progress said...

Good Luck with the surgery! You know we will be keeping watchful eye to see how Brody progresses. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all. Can not wait to see Brody's thumb in action!!