Monday, August 11, 2008


Brody's favorite part of the Olympic opening ceremonies were the drummers - in the beginning. Coincidentally, he is just becoming aware of drums, and when he sees them in books, he says "Boom boom boom."

When we watched the drummers on the opening ceremonies, which gave both Jeremy and me goosebumps with the extraordinary precision and depth and breadth of 2008 people saturated with coordination and exactness, Brody loved it too. He started mimicking the drummers with his arms, and saying "boom boom" when the drums did, and said "Whoaaaaa. . . . . " when the light show accentuated the drums.
When NBC broke for commercial, Brody looked at me, and said "More? More?"


Jacque said...

Maybe he's a future drummer! Does he have a drum? A good birthday present for him, and earplugs for you. :)

tanya or MOM said...

It was juct amazing to watch that! Glad he liked it!