Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random ramblings

Brody pronounces "moon" as "nooooommmmm."

We spent almost $10,000 on daycare in 2007. Ok, exact number was $8,721. This explains why we have no money anymore.

We just had a drill at work. The drill is - I get a phone call on my work number. It's the police saying that there is a dangerous situation, and that I need to stay away from the windows and turn off my office lights. This is my question - how would this help in a real "shooter outside" situation? This is another reason I am telling myself I am glad I will not be here for the DNC.

When I sing to Brody at night, one of the songs I sing is "Silent Night" - sometimes, for the second verse, I sing it in German (my mom was born in Karlsruhe).

Except I only know "Stille nacht, helige nacht" for the second verse, in German, and then I make the rest up with German sounding (to me) words. Brody doesn't seem to mind. I feel fluent.

One of the lullabies I usually sing to him as we're rocking to sleep is Favorite Things, from Sound of Music.

Lately, though, he has taken to saying "no" when I am singing a song he doesn't like. At first I thought it was my voice, and I actually got fairly hurt feelings.

So I kept trying other songs.

Either he gave up telling me not to sing, or he really only likes songs about him, which are the only songs he will not naysay:

Brody Song
B is cause you're beautiful,
R is cause you're really sweet.
O is for our only boy,
D is for your dimpled cheeks.
Y is for Yippee! Y is for Yahoo!
cause we're so lucky that we got you.


Jacque said...

Phoebe tells me not to sing some songs too!!! Love the Brody songs! :)

SaRaH said...

I love Brody's songs! Nora has one from "Bye Bye, Birdie" (which we saw when pregnant):

We love you, Nora!
Oh, yes we do!
And to you, Nora
We will be true!
When we're not near you,
We're blue!
Oh, Nora, we love you!

Robyn said...

You are so creative!