Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello 4 digits


Oh, wait, 1006.

Those are the votes we have so far. In 3 days.

The internet is a powerful tool. Facebook too. My friends who are helping publicize this? Sublime. Even if we don't win a thing, this has been a very humbling and heartwarming experience.

In truth, I'm starting to feel like a bit of a shit. Dante's mom put it on her carepages and her facebook. An online friend who has a son Brody's age and whose husband has ALS put it on their carepage, and emailed everyone in her contact book. It floors me. Both of them deserve this more than me. If we win, we can pick a different vacation. I want to pick a bigger house and invite them to stay with us.

Thank you to everyone who is forwarding emails and putting this link on their blogs and voting. I keep telling Jeremy our new number. He says not to get my hopes up. I'm not. Well, not really. But checking on the number is addictive.

I wonder if people are reading or just clicking on the button. I kind of love to think that people are reading, and that at the very least we are spreading awareness about Vacterl association and recurrent pregnancy loss.

Here is the link.



Dawn said...

You totally deserve this!! Hoping and praying you guys win!

The Stringham 4 said...

Of course they deserve it. But so do you. Don't, for one second, feel bad. We want you to win because we love you and you deserve this.


pattinase (abbott) said...

You do too deserve it. I just wish I could figure out how to vote again.

My Carousel of Progress said...

Awesome to hear so many people are responding. One thing I have learned about a community like ours (community being those with children that have medical/special needs) We all share each others joy of triumphs and sadness of heartbreak as if it were our own. If you win we all win in heart and understand more than others how deserving a reward this is for you guys. Best wishes!
Not to encourage getting your hopes up, but most of the other essays I read only had less than 100 votes! Does your login tell you a placement?

Christine said...

Thank you everyone.

No, we have no idea where we are in the placement. Two friends have alerted me to other folks who have about 550 votes and about 250 votes. One is a couple who got married and then right away the 30ish year old groom needed a bypass. Another is a couple who are holding a raffle - if you vote for them and they win, then they will put your name in a hat and if they pick you, take you with them.

After this round, the top 15 get chosen and then the judges pick the top 3 - 1st is $10,000 vacation, and 2 and 3 are the $5,000 vacations (I think).

The voting is slowing down for us. I may have to continue the onslaught of annoyingness to ensure our spot in the top 15. :-)

Hez said...

You deserve this in a big way. Before I posted this on my facebook page... one of my IRL friends posted it because you helped her through her 3 miscarriages. YOU deserve this, others might also deserve this but do not think for one second that you don't.
Hugs and love
Heather and Maya

Robyn said...

I voted once from work and once from home.

Alina said...

I voted! I forwarded! I hope you win!