Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time flies

Vacation contest

We have just reached over 1,400 votes!

Tomorrow is the last day for voting, and then the top 15 vote-getting entries are judged by a panel to see who wins. This is the panel of judges. The winners are announced on July 28.

I go from being optimistic to realistic and back again. It was a very fun experiment, and it is humbling and bizarre that we received 1,400 votes. That is a lot of people. I am strangely contented to know that at this point, the result is out of my control.

Truly, if the best thing that happens is that 1,400 people now know about the trials of recurrent pregnancy loss, the economic reality of the US healthcare system, and children living with Vacterl association, I think the world is a much better place. And I got to have a few goose-bump-and-teary-eyed moments when I saw how many votes we were getting. These are good things.


Speaking of control issues, we have our flight information. Brody and I go to Shriners July 22 for the day. I emailed the liaison for the surgeon at the hospital to make sure they knew that we wanted the pin out of the arm during the clinic appointment. This is the response:

That isn’t what I had in mind I thought we were just doing a clinic visit. Are you thinking the pin can come out in the clinic? Guess I thought we needed OR time for that. If it needs OR time that can not happen till Thursday and then I am not sure I can add it on. I will e-mail Hutch and see what I can do, I will let you know soon as I hear from him.

At first, I was really frustrated with this email. Because we really really really want the pin out and it makes me insane to have to negotiate about it and the other time, it popped out and we were in a hospital room and the surgeon just came over and pulled it out with essentially a pair of pliers.

Then I became exhausted and a wave of pleasantness came over me as I realized it is out of my control. As is the fact that Brody has had a cough and fever since Sunday, as is the fact that I went to three different pharmacies yesterday to try to fill a prescription for an antibiotic for him without success. The first pharmacy said they were out of it, the second said (a) that our health insurance didn't cover prescriptions and (b) the insurance company wanted to talk with the doctor before filling the script. The third pharmacy said the medication was recalled.

Interestingly, we had some leftover from April of the same drug. I just gave Brody that. It's more precautionary antibiotic anyway, as the pediatrician said he didn't really have anything but in light of the maybe upcoming surgery, he gave the script and a dose of steroids to Brody justincase.

I think the physical exhaustion (two nights of no then little sleep for Brody and us) has led me to this new acceptance of no control. I give up control. It has a nice ring to it.

I just re-read this post and I'm not nearly as down as it makes me out to be.


In addition to Facebook, I'm on twitter now as ckwilk. Mostly to follow the White House and a few professional tennis players who write amusing and enlightening things. Justin Gimelstob and the Bryan Bros. Also Andy Roddick for my sister who adores him. Also Rainn Wilson and Mindy Kaling from the Office. But I don't understand who can see my twittering or whatever they are called and I'm scared to respond to the famous players because what if everyone who follows them sees my response too? It's all very confusing to me.


We have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow to schedule the 13th surgery. I cannot even fathom having a 13th surgery. After a conversation with a friend this morning, however, I am grateful to have a child, and grateful even more that this 13th surgery is not medically urgent.


Robyn said...

Well, I think that with 1400 votes you are definitely in the top 15. I've been browsing entries and no one is anywhere near that. I am crossing all of my crossables.

Anyone who has to go through 13 surgeries in the three years of his life deserves a freaking vacation. Hug that boy for me.

Shannon said...

I have checked out at least a dozen entries and the very most I have seen is 700 votes. I think you will definitely be in the top 15.

feitpingvin said...

I hope that my posting your link on various international forums helped ;-)

But really, Brody deserves to travel to and spend time somewhere - anywhere - that isn't a bloody hospital or doctor's office.

SaRaH said...

I'm crazy for the 28th to come. I've continued my 'research/stalking' and can find no one in your neighborhood of votes. Oh, I just can't wait.