Friday, July 10, 2009

Travel to the Shrine

By way of review, when Brody had the thumb pollicization in January on his very stubborn right hand, Hutch (surgeon) also re-inserted the rod to make his hand straight, ie, 180 degrees (the rod is drilled/inserted through the ulna from the wrist to the elbow).

Brody's right hand, in particular, is very very tight, and stubborn, and would prefer nothing else than for us to let it grow at a 90 degree angle toward his other hand (which is what all hands do when there is no radius bone in the arm to make them straight).

We say no. We say it must be straight. Or straightish. Three inch longer reach.

So, rod back in when the thumb is moved into place. Hand then 180 degrees. Or, like, 160.

In April, that pin is appearing as a bump near Brody's elbow. During the hospitalization, we check and it's still in the bone, meaning, it's still doing some good. Hutch says leave it as long as possible.

June. Hand starting to win the battle to go back to 90 degrees. Pin a bigger bulge. I email the person at Shriner's hospital - who (whom?) I actually really like - and she doesn't respond.

This week. Brody is now complaining about the pin. Or, rather, his elbow. He keeps whacking it, or rather, the pin. It hurts, and he cries and I don't blame him. Hand back at 90 degrees, pin a bigger bump, but not breaking the skin. (It did this once, last summer. Thank GOD we were in the hospital and Brody was high at the time because Hutch just put on a pair of gloves and extracted it).

I realize I never heard back from Hutch's scheduler.

Email again this morning. She responds. That we can come to the clinic July 22.

Less than 2 weeks away.

Which is great but also, not great. Because I now have the unenviable task of calling the travel arranger for the local Shrine, and requesting two airline tickets to Salt Lake with less than two weeks notice. I explained the situation and asked if it was possible. He said, "It's possible, of course, but it means we have to pay a lot more money for the tickets." I apologized.
I don't even blame him for the snark. I agree with him. This is rude and unnecessary. But it's for Brody, so we're doing it. Although yes, it's our fault for not following up sooner. God, what emotion would I have if I didn't have guilt?

And I called our local ortho surgeon. She can't see us before then. It's like an 8 week wait to see her.

Thus, I imagined the local Shrine was glaring at me not unlike Brody performing his mad face:

Brody also has a happy face, sad face, scared face, surprised face, and silly face. I'm trying to get them all on video because he goes from one to the next seamlessly on command.

Therefore, July 16 - pre surgery consult with the urologist to schedule a surgery for the hypospadias; and

July 22 (hopefully) Brody and I fly to Salt Lake to have the damn pin removed before it breaks skin and we have a co$tly trip to an ER; and get a further surgical plan on how to re-re-straighten the right hand.


Robyn said...

Richard's snark does not make me happy. My Brody needs this. Do it. Thankyouverymuch.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm......our Shriner's guy is named Dick and I assume that's short for Richard. Maybe that's a prereq. for the job. I imagine his face looks something like Brody's mean face. Especially when I call and ask for room reservation extensions, date changes, handicapped rooms, etc. I'm a realpain in his butt. But then we he sees us in person he beams at how cute he is and obviously takes pride that he has had a part in helping with Benji's health. I hope your Richard does the same. Lori

Alina said...

Love the mean face. :)

centralillinoisian said...

I just wanted to stop in and say that I think your son is adorable. Good luck with the upcoming proceedures.

Anonymous said...

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