Friday, July 4, 2008

The Wee Hysteric Likes Whole Foods

Brody went to Whole Foods. Suddenly, he wants to eat. Samples, that is.
Potato chips, tortilla chips,
focaccia bread, and cheese.
More bread, more cheese.
More cheese.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that he is sitting in a car cart,

or that the food is in Brody-size portions, and on toothpicks.
But whatever it is, Brody loves samples at Whole Foods.
I tried to tell him at first that there was no cheese sample. But he could see the top of the cheese sample display, that clear plastic dome? He knew what that signifies.
Then he said "Cheese please," and so I gave him a sample. Some Irish cheddar I think.
He completely lost his mind when, after THREE cheese samples, I told him "Cheese all done." You would have thought I told him there was no more motorcycles in the world, his despair was so great.
And so very loud.
Why Brody is the Wee Hysteric
Every time Brody gets a drop of liquid on him, including his own drool, he whines loudly "Owie, mama, owie!"
Because he has drooled on himself.
The child who has had 8 surgeries in 22 months thinks that drool is an owie.
Naturally, we have tried to teach him that drool and other associated liquid "injuries" are really more appropriately called "dirty", his other favorite word.
But he refuses to internalize the concept.
You can imagine the scolding expressions of strangers when we are in public, and Brody tells me "Owie" (while wearing arm casts or splints) and I reply "No, that's not owie."


Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Dude, EVERYbody likes the samples at Whole Foods!


p.s. He is just too cute!!!

Jacque said...

That's hilarious! Just take him there for samples when he's having a day he won't eat, or heck just for lunch! LOL Or, you could serve his food at home on toothpicks and under a dome! LOL He's adorable!