Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last night our neighbors had a party, to which all 3 of us were invited. As a result, Brody stayed up until 9pm, for the first time ever.

We left when he put his head down on my shoulder and said "Nigh, nigh" which means, of course, good night.

As we were walking back to our house in the dark, Brody had this befuddled look on his face. Then he pointed up and looked at me, and said "Sky off."

He hasn't been outside in the dark for months, and not since he has been talking a lot.

Jeremy said, "Yeah, buddy, the sky is off. Time to go night night."

Brody looked at me, and asked, while pointing still to the sky, "On? On?"

I am a very powerful person, but even I couldn't turn the sky on. I said, "No, sweetie, it's night night, so sky off. Sun is night night."

Then he looked up at the sky and said, "bye bye"


Shannon said...

Awwww...bless his sweet little heart!!!!

My Carousel of Progress said...

How adorable!!

Jacque said...

That's so cute!!

We're rarely out when the sky is off either. When we were on vacation it was dark when we came back from a late dinner and Owen said, "We really shouldn't be out after dark". LOL