Tuesday, July 22, 2008

News that shocked me so far today

You must have heard by now - Christian Bale was arrested in London

For assault.

Against his mom and sister.

They called the police.

But the English police didn't arrest him because he had the premiere to go to for The Dark Knight.

Where these photos were taken.

You would never know he was disturbed about anything in these photos. Look at the carefree glint in his eyes.

Also, if you are assaulting your mom (or mum, as they say over there) and sister, that's got to be drug-related, right? My theory is that mom and sis tried to intervene during one of his binges.

So while I was reading some English papers online, there was this other fascinating story about Princess Anne. She is sister to the Queen, I think. Anyway, she wore this hideous yellow and white dress to the Princess Diana/Prince Charles wedding in 1981 (her dress is old enough to drink just like my racquets!) and then to some other "royal" wedding this past weekend, in 2008! The first photo from 1981 and then the one from this weekend:

My thoughts on the matter:

This is news?

I hate the dress in 1981, but actually, in 2008, it ain't half bad.

The hat is bad both times.

Is 27 years the time limit to wait for legally wearing your old clothes? I wonder if in 6 years, when my racquets are 27 years old, can I use them to play tennis again?

Under this theory, will ripped sweatshirts be coming back into vogue?

You know what we haven't seen in a really long time?

A good computer virus. Remember a while back, there were some amazing viruses out there that caused complete havoc in the workplace? My theory was and remains that McAffee and other virus protection software vendors were secretly funding the virus creators, because what better way to increase your own business? Imagine an umbrella manufacturer in control of the rain.

Yesterday I was thinking - we haven't had a good virus scare in a really long time.

Prediction: We will soon.


Robyn said...

Oh, I so needed a laugh. Thank you so much.

P.S. I am sad. Christian Bale is so sexy. Ewan MacGregor is sexier. No arrests on him, right? He can still appear in my fantasies?

Jacque said...

27 years and she can still fit in the same dress?? That's impressive! ;)