Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brody's first sentence

Brody said his first sentence. I guess it's a sentence. Well, I guess "NO!" is a sentence.

Sentence is a weird word when you really look at it.

Anyway, Brody said his first two-word sentence that he created himself (as opposed to sit down, uh-oh, etc). It was. . . ."Dada car! Dada car!" He saw daddy's car from down the block as we were driving home tonight. He was so excited and happy to see Jeremy's car.

Also, someone taught Brody the word "mine." Tonight he took my sunglasses away from me, and I asked for them back. As he walked away gripping and drooling on my sunglasses, he looked back over his shoulder at me and said "Mine."

We did not teach him that.

Finally, Brody says "baa bye" in the saddest, littlest, cutest voice. Like he is really sad to be saying bye bye. He says, "baaaaa bye." And he says it over and over and to every living and not-living thing.

Tonight he has said "baaaaa bye" to the daycare, 7-11, his dogs, his daddy, the high chair when I was lifting him out, the house when we all went for a walk to the park, the tree when we were passing it in the park, the lake, the goose, the neighbor, the little animal toys he plays with in the tub while I lifted him out, his sippy cup, his toothbrush, and the dogs again. And we're not prompting him to say it. It's his own mind at work.

Monday night we followed Jeremy home from my sister's house. Brody could see that we were following Jeremy's car. Brody said "Baaaaa bye" to Jeremy and/or his car over 25 times on the way home.

That's all for now. Baaa bye.

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