Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The moment I was dreading. . . .

The moment I was dreading arrived tonight.

Brody pooped while in the bathtub.

Not even a mother's love can find anything good in that.

Except maybe that at least I was not in the tub with him when he did it.

Maybe the universe has got my back after all.


Dayna said...

Oh my god, that is SO funny. Samantha did too tonight! It was only her 2nd time ever doing that--the first time was at my MIL's house during the xmas break! Yeah, I'm glad I wasn't in the tub with her either! LOL!!!!!

SaRaH said...

Girl, please. Nora went through about a month of poopy bath nights. Some nights, we'd get her out, scrub the tub, make a new bath, and put her back in... only to repeat the process! It's really what makes us properly scrub the tub. :P

Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

I'll help you find the good in that. There are plenty of us VACTERL moms who have paid big money and sent our kids off to numerous surgeries so we could have poop in the bathtub. :)