Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The highest compliment

I had a very very bad day the other day. And then I got this from my friend Stacy. Stacy who is a stay at home mom, who is an incredible woman, friend and mom herself, who has taught me so much about parenting and life. And short of memorizing it to myself, I am posting it here.

I am really glad we got together this weekend. Brody is so lucky to have you both as parents (and I know you are thinking NO! WE'RE the lucky ones--and of course you are). He is such an adorable and loveable boy. So of course loving him and enjoying him comes very easily. But it is still extremely stressful to basically be in this revolving door of hospital visits, follow-up appts., surgeries, etc., etc. I know you are one to just say that you do it because you have to, and that there is nothing heroic about that. What is special about what kind of parent you are is that you haven't let the stress and worry interfere with what kind of mother you are to Brody. You are a fun (and funny), relaxed mommy and your son is totally in love with you. Of course you will always tend to his medical needs and worry every time he goes under general anesthesia, and desperately wish you could take away the pain he endures with every procedure, the frustration he feels dealing with those cumbersome casts, and so on. You are meeting all of his needs, not the least of which is his need for a mother who is not stiff and distracted with worry and fear. I think every parent wonders at times if we are doing enough for our kids or if we are doing it right. Assuming you are one of these parents, I want you to know you are an awesome mom! Stacy

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Robyn said...

How wonderful! And so true. You are an AMAZING mommy!