Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photos from Shriner's in Salt Lake

Brody, on the day we left, moments before we actually left. Wearing my sunglasses, and sick of waiting for me to get the suitcase, diaper bag, return all the toys, return all the movies, give away the balloons, unfold the stroller, return the cart. . . .
View of the mountains in Utah from the hospital grounds. Not bad, eh?

In the play area, Brody's favorite moments were spent in the storage for the balls. He would walk back and forth, and back and forth, over the balls. He never would have left that box but for my insistence that we eat something.

Post surgery. The shower cap actually has shampoo and conditioner in it, and there is no rinse required. First - what a great invention! Second - his hair wasn't that dirty, but just look at how cute he is wearing it!

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Robyn said...

Where can I get a shower cap like that??? Can you imagine: you go to bed wearing it and wake up with clean hair!!! What a miracle of modern science.

Brody is so adorable. I even think his casts are cute!