Monday, June 23, 2008

Wimbledon, Wimbledon, Wimbledon!

Today is the first day of Wimbledon!!! I love watching tennis - it seems like the older I get, the more I love watching tennis.

So many of my favorite childhood memories were watching Wimbledon with my parents, and my sister. I remember watching Boris Becker win his first title when he was 17, and I was 14. I was on vacation with my parents.

I remember watching the McEnroe - Connors finale because it was on the 4th of July, and two Americans were playing. I remember the year before that, too - when Mac beat Borg.

And now, in the age of the web, I can get live scores on my desktop, my mobile. . . it's glorious. Not the same as being there, but glorious all the same. And one day, I will take Brody there and we will walk on Centre Court and I'll get chills, and think of my mom and my dad, and probably cry, and Brody will probably roll his eyes and think I'm a lame sentimental fool.

I cannot wait.

Brody already enjoys watching tennis. He learned to clap watching the US Open last year - he would clap when the crowd would clap. Now when he wants to watch tennis, he'll look at the TV and say "Ball? Ball?" And I switch on the Tennis Channel. Then we cuddle up together on the couch, or the bed, and we cheer on our favorites.

I have even indoctrinated Jeremy into this ritual, and he doesn't even play tennis. Two weekends from now, we will have strawberries and cream and watch the final, ladies on Saturday, gentlemen on Sunday.

I pick Rafa Nadal and Ana Ivanovic to win.


pattinase (abbott) said...

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SaRaH said...

ummm, I don't watch tennis, but I'm SO in on sentimental crying and strawberries and cream...