Thursday, June 19, 2008

Then and Now

The first photos of Brody, in the NICU, after we were finally able to hold him. All 3 pounds of him.

God he was little. Everyone said so at the time, but I didn't think so then.

The photo we sent to every single person we knew.

Resting at home, at last, after spending the first 8 weeks of his life in the NICU.

The first time he was casted he was about 3 months old - November 2006

More then and now. . . .

Then, I didn't tell strangers about Vacterl association. When they would ask, I mean. I didn't want to think about it. I would get sick to my stomach when someone would ask me how he was doing, health wise. Especially about how his kidney was doing. I stayed on Paxil an extra few months because I thought he'd need kidney surgery in May 2007.

Now, I tell people about radial club hands, vacterl association, and Brody's upcoming 8th surgery all the time. I even have a carepage for him to talk about his medical issues.

Then, I worried how Brody would hit all his milestones, walking especially. And talking. I actually worried that he didn't have enough words.

Now, having been shown by Brody -- repeatedly -- that he can figure out every single thing he needs to do all by himself, I no longer worry that he will be hindered in any way. The truly astounding part of this journey is that he has taught himself every thing. Sitting up, scooting, eating, using his hands, adapting with casts, adapting with fixators, standing, cruising, walking, stairs . . . the kid literally one day just looked at the stairs and started crawling up them, the whole flight, without either Jeremy or me helping him.
With external fixators on.
Four pins in each arm.

I always remember when I was pregnant with Brody and in the hospital with preeclampsia, that I got the feeling whenever they'd put the heart rate monitor and movement monitor on my stomach, and I'd sit there anxiously watching his heart rate and feeling him kick, that he was saying "Look at what I can do, see? Look at me? I can do it! I'm going to be okay, mama! Look at what I can do!"

The thing is, when I felt he was telling me that, we didn't know anything about Vacterl association or that Brody had any of the medical issues he has. Hell, I didn't even know whether he was a boy or a girl. I called him Zoe Brody, because Zoe was his girl name.


Dayna said...

He is a doll and I am fascinated by him! What a cutie!

Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Amazing little guy! Just amazing. I think it's so funny how he still looks like he did when he was a baby...just older. I have a feeling he'll be reminding you for the rest of his life, "I'm okay, mom!" If they could bottle THAT, it would beat sales of Paxil any freaking day!

I am Mary S. said...

I LOVE that last picture! That is so cute, I actually burst out laughing! I love how he looks like he is trying to lick the dog.

I can't believe he weighed just 3 pounds! He is so amazing!

Tracy said...

I know what you mean . My hubby and I were talking about that very thing . About the times we would worry about Maggie , wether she would do this , that and the other . Now we just stand back and let her do her own thing because she is just totally amazing and has adapted with what God has given her .
I love the pictures with him in his tiny casts . Did you get to keep one ? Maggie's doctor didn't have her put in casts but a splint , which I do still have :>) Which reminds me we need to call and get a bigger one :>)