Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SuperBrody has splints!

The first photo of Brody wearing his splints.

They are removeable, plastic, and as Jeremy said, make him look like a superhero!

I'm so inordinately ecstatic about these splints, and I haven't even seen them in person (Brody and Jeremy are awaiting the flight home in the Salt Lake airport). However, you will notice that they are not over his elbows, which means my little man can bend his elbows, which means that he can once again feed himself! After motorcycles, feeding himself is Brody's favorite thing!


My Carousel of Progress said...

That is AWESOME!! I'm sure he likes them much better. By the way we sent you an email the other day. Thank you so much for your thoughts for our little blessing, Elias.

Robyn said...