Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So much to say, so little energy

When I was in law school, every semester after finals were over, I'd get sick. Never during finals, thank the gods.

I think now, whenever the latest Brody surgery or hospital stay is over, I just deflate. And possibly get sick. So in an example of sheer laziness, here are some postings from Brody's carepage - - search for Superbrody is you have more energy than me.

My carepages post from May 24-

Things I don't want to forget:

-Brody barking at the airplanes whenever we're at an airport. I suppose he thinks they are dogs? He also thinks horses moo. Other than that, his animal sounds are down pat.

-How simultaneously sad and proud I was of Brody when he sat in his very own seat on the plane. Where is my little 3 pound baby? He looked like such a little man. Right up until he started sleeping on the man next to him. Luckily the guy has 2 little ones at home, and didn't mind Brody leaning on his arm.

-Brody likes to growl at people. Well, roar actually. And once he starts, he doesn't stop. He roared about 14 times to the guy on the plane (before he fell asleep on him).

-Brody is famous. Or we're here entirely too much. When we checked into the hospital yesterday, I recognized every single nurse and aide here. (And yes, girls, Josh was his aide yesterday). I even overheard one nurse say to the other "Brody just checked in!" in an excited tone of voice.

-After getting Versed, aka the giggle juice before surgery, Brody looking seriously at his big toe and saying repeatedly "ball!"

Brody got out of recovery around 5:30pm mountain time. He's on oxygen, and resting comfortably. And by comfortably, I mean he has hardly moved since 5:30. I took him out of the crib and put him the regular size bed we shared last night. I soon realized that he needed all the space of the bed, so I guess I'm sleeping on the pull out bed tonight. Or the crib. Thank the gods we don't have a roommate. We have the crib, the bed and my pull out couch all in the room.

The nurses here are wonderful. I mean, like ridiculously nice and helpful. When I crawled into bed with Brody, he snuggled up to me, and so I didn't want to move. So the nurse insisted on handing me my phone, my dinner, two nurse call buttons, the TV remote, and positioned no fewer than 6 pillows around us so we were properly comfortable. One is sitting with Brody right now while I do the update. I told Brody he was like royalty because he has so many ladies in waiting!

I've met some really amazing folks here today too. I met a couple whose 3 year old daughter has cerebral palsy. They started coming here about a month ago, and have seen the most improvement in their daughter as the past 2 1/2 years treating elsewhere. She was here for a Tae Bo class. I also met a family who relocated from Hawaii to Salt Lake so their son could treat here. And there are these two teenage boys who are in wheelchairs, and they each have a cast on their leg. I'm not sure what for, but they are here for a MONTH. When they are not harassing the nurses by flirting with them, they are wreaking havoc all over the hospital - I heard them get scolded for going down into the parking garage and having wheelchair races.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. It's amazing how much bizarre TV I watch in the hospital. Today I learned about the weapons of the barbarians (aka, the celts, huns, and mongols) on history channel, and then watched a show on Animal Planet about a clinic in India or somewhere that did surgery on an elephant's foot because she had stepped on a land mine.

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