Monday, August 17, 2009


Nervous nervous nervous.

Someone I know and love is getting big news at work today and it will make or break his/her career.

This is a good person, very talented, and worked very hard on this project.

Today we find out if the project is a success.

If yes? Possible promotion, but definite legend status at the employer.

If no? Possible layoff/termination and horror.

No, it's not me.

I'm so nervous I had to write it out.

Universe, please make this happen. Please. You know why. Please.


solaceinthecity said...

I'm nervous and don't even know this person! It is so incredibly hard to put everything you can into something and wait for a reaction.
In my experience, good intentions and hard work always lead to something great. So good luck to your friend, I'm sure they will get their deserved legend status!

[By the way, Christine, I don't know if you ever got my second attempt at emailing you my address (sigh), but maybe try emailing me and then I can reply?]

SaRaH said...

So... Did it happen?