Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interview with a Brody

We were on this show on Monday. Live, at the Fox studios in Denver. With the almost-3-year-old, to discuss our win from Homeaway.

It was awful.

Sure, it started out well enough.

The PR woman who works with Homeaway very kindly sent us directions on where the studios were and when to arrive. She also sent us the questions we were likely to be asked:

~How the numerous surgeries and hospital stays have affected your family

~The motivation behind your participation in the HomeAway Save Our Summer Vacation Contest

~What does being chosen as a contest winner mean to your family?

~How will this experience benefit your family?

~Where do you want to go on your trip and why?

We were coiffed, we were dressed well. We had answers ready. Brody was in a grand mood, excited to be on tv, and happy.

Notice the past tense?

Brody needed a new diaper, so I went to change him. No diaper changing table in the tv station bathroom, although they did have a tv in the bathroom and a leather couch. It was good enough for us.

Jeremy asked Brody what he was going to say when we were on TV (on Fox). He replied, "Ummm.....OBAMA!"

In the green room, the show played on the TV. We were going on at 4:45, 45 mins into the hour long show. Which meant that we saw our own promos, with our name and photograph.

After we saw that, I suddenly got very nervous. I looked at Jeremy in terror. He said, "I think I need my diaper changed."

We waited a bit but Brody was still happy. Toys and snacks. But something happened to our boy in the hour and a half before we went on. Live. TV.

By the time we did, our charming, gregarious, witty, silly, sweet boy had turned into the stereotype of the "terrible threes." He was done. Done. DONE.

I don't remember anything of the interview except: how much makeup TV people have to wear, how nice the hosts and producer were, even after the interview, Brody climbing all over me and Jeremy screaming "I wanna GO!" during the interview, Brody pulling my hair into my face during the interview, and me mentioning the word Vacterl. I think that both Jeremy and I were just stopped talking mid-sentence one time each because of Brody's squirming and whining.

It's so bad that on the website they don't even have our clip to view.

We left the studios in an embarrassed daze. Brody was at that point disputing that he had ever been on TV.

Jeremy decreed in the car ride home that, "From now on, we're only doing taped interviews." Because we are so obviously the new Brangelina and everyone will interview us to talk about, say, our trip to the grocery store.

We got home to watch the horror, after stopping to get a bottle of wine, and as Jeremy turned on our TV, a message appeared:

Satellite has not been working for 4 hours.

Meaning nothing was recorded.

Even God thought it was bad TV.

We still haven't seen the interview.

I will say this, on the awesomeness of my co-workers. Recall I work with a bunch of lawyers, lest you believe all lawyers are jerks. They all watched the show on live streaming video, including my boss and my boss's boss. They cheered when we came on, and they all consoled me the next day and lied and said we looked great and Brody wasn't that bad. I love these people.

I'm being interviewed by a local newspaper on Friday, and then the photographer of the paper is coming over to get some "day in the life" photographs of us, during dinner, on Monday. Why? I do not know.

I have so much empathy for people who say stupid things and look ridiculous during interviews.

I will still judge them because they are professionals, but I do have more empathy for them.


AnonMom said...

I hate to laugh ... but I can totally understand and sympathize! Oh, Brody! Those little guys like to pull out their antics at the worst possible times! :) I still think he's adorable!

Shannon said...

I'm also sorry to laugh, but it IS pretty funny. I am sure it's not as bad as you think it was, but I wish I could see it. And hey, you get a FREE holiday to the South of France so I have no sympathy. :)

Hef said...

I want to see it!!

And, I agree, it sounds pretty funny.

I don't like that you guys went through such a stressful situation... But, still, it's funny. And a good story to tell on top of an already amazing story.

I REALLY can't wait to hear about the trip!

Dawn said...

Now I really want to see the interview!! ;) I am sorry you were embarrassed, but some day you WILL laugh about this, when Brody is all grown up and stuff!!

Jacque said...

I'm sorry it didn't go well. I can't believe you didn't even get to see it! I want to see it! Who cares, you still get to go on an awesome vacation!

Robyn said...

Aw, honey. I'm so sorry. You will laugh about it someday! Soon!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have seen interviews with small children and they all handle it badly. Who wouldn't with all that time to fret and stew. Unless they have been prepped to be contestant participants like Benet Ramsay-and you don't want that. As the years pass, and they will, it will become a humorous story to tell.

Christine said...

Thanks, people. Laugh at our pain! Just kidding; we were laughing about it the next day. It's still embarassing. Alas. Let's hope I don't screw up the phone interview tomorrow!

SaRaH said...

LMAO -- I love love love this:

Jeremy decreed in the car ride home that, "From now on, we're only doing taped interviews."

Tracy said...

Ugh. That sounds like something Maggie would do. Who ever said two's are terrible. Its THREES! My cute little two year old has turned into this little evil hellian.
I'd love to see the interview if its ever online though.
I agree, you'll get a good laugh out of it someday. I've seen similiar interviews on t.v where the kids act just like that too. LOL.. Oprah comes to mind.LOL.