Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Kindness

I read this fabulous blog called Crazy Days and Nights. (link also in my blog roll) CDAN is written by Enty, an anonymous entertainment lawyer in California who has all the juicy details of the celebrity world. Daily, Enty posts blind items, and on occasion, he posts what he calls kindnesses. Twice a year, July 4 and Labor Day (or is it January 1?), Enty reveals the blind items including some of the kindnesses.

For example, on June 16, 2009, he posted this one:

This Academy Award nominated/winner A+ list actor doesn't get much publicity for all of the good he does, and so I thought I would share one of the things about him which he did for no reason other than being a great guy. While shooting a film our actor was introduced to a young girl. The girl had wanted to meet our actor for a very long time. Because she was dying of leukemia, her parents had asked Make-A-Wish to make it happen. For whatever reason they had not. Well, someone on the set heard about this little girl and asked our actor if it would be ok for her to meet him. He said sure, and the girl came. At the time she visited him she had a few weeks to live. When he asked about her medical treatment he was told there really wasn't any money. Our actor paid for all her medical bills and three years later she is still alive and still in touch with our actor.

Then all of the commenters try to guess who is the subject. On July 4, Enty revealed the actor who was the subject of the kindness.

Why am I posting this? Well, I've gotten some very lovely emails from fellow CDAN commenters since starting this blog. Recently I received a generous gift from one of them. So it seems appropriate that I post this as a kindness done for me:

Which A+ blogger mom and reader of Sugarplum Swank, no stranger to struggles of her own, recently emailed the author of this blog offering her 3 items from MAC cosmetics, through the Back2MAC program, writing "You can choose any eyeshadow, lipstick, or lipgloss you want. Let me know what you want and I'll send it to you!" After a feigned refusal, the author took up the blogger mom on her offer, and she recently received the coveted MAC cosmetics. They are, like all MAC products, sublime. Almost as sublime as the blogger mom who sent them.

Oh, and who was the actor in Enty's kindness above? None other than Captain Jack Sparrow, aka, Johnny Depp.


Wendy and Nathan said...

Oh I just love random good deeds! Chris you made my day by posting both of these. I hope you enjoy your MAC stuff you deserve a little pampering :)

The Stringham 4 said...

Johnny Depp is so awesome. It was no surprise to me that it was him.

And yay for you!

Robyn said...

Oh, man. Sexy with a heart. What a combination. (Both of you.)

Jacque said...

Just watched Edward Scissorhands on Monday night. Now I love Johnny Depp even more.

So cool about the makeup! Kindness is such a good thing!

Christine said...

I know, Johnny Depp was incredible before this and now? Legend. But no one is trying to guess who the blogger is who gave me the cosmetics! She posts on here sometimes. . . .her blog is on my blogroll.....