Friday, May 22, 2009

We all progressing

Brody fell again at school. Rather, he was pushed.

I got the call after a very long day at work yesterday. He was pushed by another child climbing a ladder (there's a slide in his room). He fell on his mouth. He was bleeding.

I went to him immediately.

He's fine. Sure, one of this eye teeth is jammed a wee bit up into his gum, and loose, but it had stopped bleeding, and he had stopped crying. Screw it. I hate the ER, especially on a nice Thursday evening. If it falls out, it falls out.

(See how much I've progressed in just a few weeks?)

One thing we have discovered is that daycares and schools never tell parents who the other kid is in the altercation, whether your child is the perpetrator or the victim. Probably to avoid warring parents. In the verbal description, in the written report I have to sign, there is never any mention of the other child's name.

However, as I discovered last night, Brody does not adhere to such notions.

As I carried him to the car, I said, "Who pushed you, sweetie?"

"Noah push me. I fell down."

"That wasn't nice of Noah. Did he get a time out?"

"Yeah, he hadda take five minutes." [Take five minutes at B's school means time out for five minutes to calm yourself down.]

"Did you have to take five minutes?"

Looking at me horrified Brody said, "No, Noah push me. I fell down."

Hugging him for the 5th time in 5 minutes, "Are you okay, baby?"

"Yeah, I good. I wanna cuddle on da couch, watch Nemo."

So we did.

But more importantly, he is now a source of gossip from daycare.

I heart him.


Dawn said...

Great progression on your part, and awesome that he can gossip about his day to you!!

Jacque said...

I'm sorry he hurt his mouth again, I hope he's okay. Life with little ones is all about progression, huh? I love that he can give you the low down now.

(I first typed "I sorry" instead of "I'm sorry". I think I'm starting to talk like Phoebe.)

SaRaH said...

O. M. G. I hadn't even thought of our little ones as undercover operators for us! I'm going to grill Nora in the morning...

PS - Noah better shape up