Friday, May 29, 2009

Kiss my.....

Setting: yesterday evening, as Brody and I are walking to my car after school. I have pulled out my back and cannot lift anything.

Me: Ok, buddy, you're going to have to help mommy and get into the carseat yourself.

Brody: I help mommy? Why? (helping him climb up into the car seat)

Me: Mommy has an owie in my back, and it hurts.

Brody: You got an owie? On yer back? (buckling him into the car seat)

Me: Yeah, buddy. I'll be okay though.

Brody: I wanna kiss it. Make it better.

Me: Thank you, Brody. You are very nice. You can kiss it when we get home.

Brody: I gotta owie too.

Me: You do? Where?

Brody: On my butt.

Me: On your butt?

Brody: Yeah. Kiss it, mommy.


Dawn said...

haha!! Zayden has said the same thing to me before! He also has asked me to kiss his tongue after he bit it....I found that even worse! I just pretended to kiss those areas. ;)

The Stringham 4 said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! My kids have said that to me before, and do you know, I actually HAVE kissed their little hineys!

Jacque said...