Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm getting worse

I think I might be a vampire.

Because I woke up at 1:11am this morning, thinking it must be 4am, and therefore, time to wake up.

Shriners books our flights, you see. The flight they booked today left the airport at 7am.

Which means we had to get up at 4:30am.

I tried to back to sleep, but I was haunted by images of Kate Gosselin's bizarre hair and then the intermittent shifting of the dog paws on wood floors, or Brody coughing. I was about to doze off for good around 3am, but then Brody cried "Mommy, there's a bad guy in my room!"

No, not much sleep after 1:11am.

Jeremy and Brody did get on the flight, however. Barely.

If I had more energy, I would describe the nonstopchatter from the backseat en route to the airport. I wonder sometimes if one of my other personalities laces Brody's victuals with caffeine. I just can't believe that anyone has that much joie de vivre at 5am.


Shannon said...

I can relate to the sleep problems. Every day I am so tired all day and I promise myself I will go to bed early...and I never do.

I am also always amazed at how my toddler can wake up and immediately start running around the house. I wish I had that kind of endless energy...oh the things I could accomplish!!!

Jacque said...

Kate's bizarre hair keeps me up at night too. I hope the boys' trip went well, and I hope Brody's cast removal and splint goes well. I hope you get some good rest tonight!

Robyn said...

Sometimes I blame personality #23 when I am bitchy...