Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nothing in particular

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, in the middle of a 3-day weekend for goodness sake, thinking.

Just.thinking. I bought some melatonin the next day.

The next night I had a dream a plaintiff (I'm a defense lawyer) was stalking me. Not any particular one, just generally speaking. It was a mean plaintiff and she stole my hard drive.

During the days, however, life is good. J and I took Brody on a steam engine train ride this weekend. It was lovely, because of how wide Brody smiled and how overwhelmed he was. I've lived in Colorado for 12 years and had never done this train trip. And wouldn't have without Brody. I have pictures.

In the sodden mess that was weather this weekend, we avoided the grill and instead introduced Brody to smores last night. It took one bite before he was persuaded, and then he had two smores himself.

I completely rearranged and resorted my office at work. Furniture moved. Probably 500 pages of paper recycled, from cases that were closed or research I no longer needed. It felt good. Really good. I have received many compliments. Usually, you cannot see my desk for all of the paper. Now you can.

Tomorrow Jeremy and Brody fly to Salt Lake to have the cast removed and a splint made for B's left hand. I cannot wait to get the cast off, even if he has to wear a splint for a few weeks. Also, I hate it hate it hate it when Brody flies without me. I have it in my head, and I know it's irrational, that if I'm with him, even if the plane crashes, I can save him. Control issues? Me?

My mom and stepdad are coming for the 4th of July. I am so happy. I miss her, and want Brody to be closer to her. I have felt very guilty because we were supposed to go to them in May, and then June, but couldn't because of money and, mostly, work.

I find out in June if I will be taking (unpaid) furlough days in the new fiscal year, as the powers that be have decreed.

I have stopped working out. I am starting again tomorrow.

I want another smore. And a margarita. Or just tequila.


Robyn said...

Mean plaintiffs suck. Especially ones who steal your computer! What a bitch!

Pass the tequila, girl.

Nicole said...

I'll take some of that!
Smores.. margarita.. and/or tequila.

I think that combined with all my favourite mommy bloggers would make for one heck of a night!

:) I'm glad your mom is coming to visit!
I feel very lucky that I get to see mine almost once a month but even then it seems too long!