Monday, April 27, 2009

Thumb pictorial

I have so much to say and am too tired to say it.

So here are some photos to tell the story for a bit while I recover. Brody is well, but tired. His thumb, his THUMB, is pink. Glorious, circulation-full, pink. We are happy.

Brody in the play area behind the hospital on Wednesday:

Thursday, after surgery. He wanted a yellow thumb and cast, but we settled on purple. Luckily, the thumb stayed pink.

Surgery was 10:30 - 2:30. I think he got back to the room around 3:30, and he did this until the next morning:

The next morning, Friday, around 18 hours after surgery:

Saturday. Brody asked me to take this because he loved this dinosaur in the hospital lobby. He also informed me, "Mommy, I wanna say cheese." He couldn't say it though, because he was apparently looking adoringly at his new friend.

Saturday afternoon we flew back to Denver. Sunday morning, we went to the park to play. And for the first time ever, he navigated the stairs himself and went down the slide. So many times that I had to stop him because it was getting windy and cold, and he needed to go down for a nap.


Jacque said...

I'm glad you made it home safely, and that Brody's pink THUMB is doing well. The pics of him zonked out make me want to kiss him. I hope you get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Brody's new friend is almost as cool as the new thumb! Benj loves dinos- your Shriner's looks very cool.



Robyn said...

That is one rockin' purple cast.

Shannon said...

I love him.

4meonly said...

Who doesn't love a purple cast? He rocks it well...I'm so happy things are going well. He looks happy. ps...Dylan has the same shoes!!:)

Kristin said...

Look at that strong little boy!!! Lovin' the purple cast and the Dino. I am so stoked to hear that his thumb is doing so good. That is awesome! :)