Monday, April 20, 2009


For my sister Donna, who made me a piece of art to wear around my neck for good luck. Recall that when a pony ate my sapphire, my good luck charm (consisting of my birthstone and Brody's birthstone in a piece of jewelry) was gone. Now it's back, in the form of a silver pendant with Brody's birthstone and mine. If I could take a photograph of it that would do it justice, that would show how really stunning a pendant Donna made, I would post it. I love big silver pendant necklaces, and I love Brody's birthstone with mine. And I love the fact that now I have an heirloom, made by Donna's own hands for me.

For my sister Marilyn, who is watching Brody today so I can work. And who gave me some liqueur for the flask for the hospital visit.

For my friend Stacy, the one who tricked me, who is watching Brody tomorrow so I can work. (I took off two days last week, and I do not have leave left, and we are "quarantining" B away from public places and daycare in advance of the surgery).

For my friend A, with whom I enjoyed a lovely lunch and shopping on Sunday. I've known her since kindergarten and now that we live in the same state, and are going through similar issues, it's just comforting and fun to have her in my life again.

For my husband who, although he annoys me at times, and I him (I know it's shocking to even imagine I could annoy anyone), is a very good father, who took care of the dead animal this morning, (squirrel, not duck, by the way, but the head was missing), found my toothbrush, untangled my necklace I thought hopelessly tangled after I tried to untangle it for 20 minutes, kissed and hugged me for no reason at all this morning, and is already regretting that he is not flying out for the surgery this week.


Robyn said...

Me, thankful for Chris!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thinking about you in Michigan.

SaRaH said...

I'm thankful for you. 'Specially if you'll share that flask.