Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Another milestone: Why.

Last night at dinner, Brody was upset that he spilled some lemonade on his shirt. I told him it was okay, and that mommy had spilled soup on her shirt earlier in the day. I hadn't, but wanted B to see it was not a big deal.

B: Why, mommy?

Me: Why, what?

B: Why you spill soup on yer shirt?

Me: Oh, well, it was an accident.

B: Why?

Me: Because.

B: You spill soup on yer shirt?

Me: Yes, but it's okay. It was an accident.

B: Your shirt dirty? (Pointing)

Me: Yes, but just a little bit.

B: Little bit? You wash it?

Me: (sigh) Yes, I'll wash my shirt.

B: You spill soup on yer shirt, mommy?

Me: Yes. It was an accident.

B: Why?


Brody's favorite expression a few weeks ago was "what you doin'?" One time, driving down the mountain from my sister's house, he asked me literally 7 times in a row what I was doing. J was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. I answered that I was sitting in the car, going home, happy, going to sleep, etc. I'd then ask him what he was doing. He always answers "Sitting in my car seat."

Finally, he asked me that 8th time,

B: What you doin' mommy?

Me: (exasperated) Nothing.

B: Nothin'? (pronounced "nussin'" and the first time he has said this word).

Me: What're you doing, Brody?

B: Nussin'. (second time he has said this word).

At least it ended that round of conversation. But it's also his new favorite response.


Last night, however, J and I were unloading something from the car, and we left Brody to his own devices in the living room. When we got back inside the house a minute later, I noticed him in a new chair, "reading" the Snow Buddies DVD cover.

Me: What are you doing, Brody?

B: (without looking up from reading) Jus' hanging out. (he pronounces it "hanging" instead of "hangin'")

Me: (stopping) You're hanging out?

B: (still reading) Yeah, jus' hanging out.

I wonder - how does he know these responses? These are the responses of a sullen teenager or a disaffected preteen, aren't they? Is this the new school? J and I don't talk like this, do we?

It's cute, and also frightening.


Jacque said...

So cute! I love just hanging out. :)

Dawn said...

Oh, the "why"! The first couple of times I heard Z ask why I thought it was funny and cute, and now I mostly just want to bang my head against the wall by the time he asks "why?" for the 345,323rd time in a day.
I liked the "jus hanging out!"

Robyn said...

Rylie ALWAYS says, "Nutting, mommy," whenever I ask her what she's doing. Makes me nervous. What is she REALLY doing?... Hmmm.

Hef said...

This age is a riot.

I just adore that little boy of yours!!!

Nicole said...

That sounds soo cute!
I can't wait for James to start talking!
He points at EVERYTHING and says "was dis" 3 hundred million times but that's about the extent of it.
Other than kitty cat and cookie - which only come out when there's actually a kitty cat or a cookie around.

Your son is so adorable!