Friday, March 6, 2009

To all the things I've loved today. . . .

Eight things I love about today:

1. Riding on the bus with Brody this morning en route to my office and watching him grin ear to ear, so happy is he to be on a bus, ("mommy work bus! mommy work bus!" at the top of his lungs, like I'm a migrant worker), charming the other passengers, and being mesmerized as he looked out the window at the buildings of downtown and buses and trucks and cars.

2. While Brody and I are walking from the bus stop to my office, he looks at a random stranger, who may or may not have been homeless, and says, "Hi!" And the man says "hi" back.

3. After bringing Brody into my big boss's office, she asks: How long do we have Brody today?
Me: Uhh. . . until 9:30? (hell, I think, she's going to be mad I brought him in for that long)
Big boss: (checking the clock) We only have him for 22 minutes?

Then watching as my co-workers flock to see Brody, hug him, kiss him, and give him presents and color with him on the floor (and this is a law office?)

4. Speaking of my job, today I was accused of some pretty bad things at my job by a very important and powerful third party, rendering me literally trembling because it was public, and not true, and then going to my supervisors to explain, and they unfailingly, without question, without a doubt, believe in me, commiserate with me, and build me up again.

5. Having my friend Stacy take my boy to the zoo, and to her house, for an all day play date with her daughter. And then hearing that, when Stacy asked Brody what his favorite animal was, he answered, "Choo choo train."

6. Still feeling happy that I actually created a realistic household budget for us, and realizing that even while paying back all of the medical bills (outstanding around six figures), we will still have enough money for the essentials (assuming there are no layoffs in our future and my husband stops eating lunch out every day).

7. Marveling at the writing ability of my friend, C, in her blog and feeling so grateful I know someone who can express herself so beautifully.

8. Going out for Thai and Vietnamese dinner (my favorite) tonight with my husband on an actual date at Indochine (while Brody is still at Stacy's house).


Dawn said...

Great day! Great post!!

I love the choo choo train animal!

C said...

Thanks for the compliment. I learned from the best, my blogo-mentor. Glad you had a day of wonderful moments. No one deserves them more.

Robyn said...


pattinase (abbott) said...

I can see the smile on your face in Michigan.