Thursday, March 5, 2009

Red Letter Days

After Brody's kidney and reflux repair success, my sister Donna wrote on Brody's carepage that she had just the way for me to celebrate. A package was en route.

There is not much in life I love more than a present in the mail.

There was a letter and a package en route, she said, and I couldn't open either until both were there.

Finally they both arrived. I opened the letter as instructed, and this is what I read:

Dear Christine,

Last fall, while shopping with a friend at Macy's in their houseware department, I happened upon an idea which I really loved. My friend was looking at the Fiesta dinnerware and the salesperson told us that a customer had just purchased 5 red place settings as gifts. She said that this person told her that she enclosed a note with each place setting instructing the new owner to save them for special "Red Letter" days. A birthday, a good day at work, a day when something special happened to someone in your family, etc.

I loved the idea and gave Barbara a set for her birthday. She loved the idea and gave me a set for Christmas, as well as all her children and a couple of her friends.

The only difference was that I told Barbara, as I am telling you, to use these special "Red Letter" day dishes on happy, good days, but also on days when you are down...when someone isn't feeling well, working is going badly, the weather is crummy, someone pisses you off, etc.

And whenever you use these dishes, always think of me and how much I love you and what an extraordinary person you are.

Enjoy them!!! I love you!

Then I opened the box, and saw this:

One of the most meaningful presents I have ever received.


4meonly said...

That is soooo great and what a great idea. Thanks for sharing this...I just have one question did she give you one of each or a whole set of dishes?

Christine said...

I have one place setting. But maybe now I'll get more? :-) I think it's also brilliant marketing at Fiestaware. But I've used them already, and I really do think of her and remember she loves me and thinks me extraordinary - so for my part, they work!

pattinase (abbott) said...

It's more fun not to get them all at once. I love slowly building a set over time.

Hez said...

Looove it!! You just took care of most of my Christmas shopping for next year!!

SaRaH said...

FABULOUS gift and fabulous idea! We have one basic white set and then we have whatever I find pretty enough to purchase (all different plates, bowls, etc.) Even though they don't match, everyone always picks the unique ones.
Have you eaten with them yet? Are you going to be sure that the meal requires all of it? Please say yes.

I am Mary S. said...

Gorgeous, and so thoughtful! I love Fiesta ware myself, actually I collect it, and I have to say I love the way they've restyled the coffee cups!

Christine said...

Mary, I love the coffee cups too! It's like a tea set from days gone by, but bigger yet dainty.

Sarah, lol. No, not yet. But I refuse to let DH or Brody use them. Or touch them. They are mines, as B says. Also love your dish set idea. I do that with bedding. (seriously)

Patti, I agree, and Hez, me too!

Jacque said...

I love Fiesta (and presents in the mail) too! I have a set in mixed colors. It's made here in WV and there is the coolest store full of it here. I could look in it for hours. I love the idea of the red letter days. We have a 'special day' plate we use. I hope you have many red letter days to use your new set!

Robyn said...

How lovely! May you have many happy occasions to use them!

Tracy said...

Hey that's a great gift. My mother in law has the same Fiestaware set. She's had them for a long time.