Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures of thumb pollicization

I realize these are badly lit and out of focus pictures, but I wanted to post these.

This one is 4 weeks post op. The stitches were still gruesome. Not as gruesome as the craniosynostosis surgery, but still.

And this is 8 weeks (almost) post-op. Stitches had dissolved (except for one). He's not really using the new thumb, for a variety of reasons including that his right hand has been in a cast since January, he is left-hand dominant, and his tendons were tight to begin with. I think when he has the thumb pollicization surgery on the dominant left hand in late April, and is forced to utilize his right, that's when we will see vast improvement in him using the thumb.

Oh, and here is a photograph that I think is adorable. I was trying to take his picture, and I said, "Brody, let me see your thumb, hold your hand out" and this was his reaction.

Yesterday, he was on our bed, reading a variety of books to himself, and Jeremy and I just watched him from the doorway, silly lopsided grins on our faces. I could watch him do that all day. He combined Brown Bear Brown Bear with Jamberry, which became "Jahm behwee, jahm behwee, what YOU see?"
I'm having one of those days when all I want to do is leave work early and take him home to snuggle.
It helps not at all that Denver is scheduled for 8-15 inches of snow tomorrow. Like I need more temptation to stay home.


Jacque said...

Brody's new thumb looks so great!! Love the pic of him holding it up. :)
I love to watch (listen to) Phoebe read too. She loves books and reading.
I can't believe you may get that much snow and it's almost April! That's a good excuse to stay home if you ask me (as if staying home to snuggle with Brody isn't)!

Alina said...

His thumb looks fabulous! It will be so cool to see him start using it. :) I'd want to leave work early to snuggle that boy, too. And 8-15 inches? I'd be SO home.

Tracy said...

Looks pretty good. Love that last picture. That is something Maggie would do! LOL.

Hope he starts using that right thumb eventually. But I guess its something new for him so he's got to start from the beginning. Maggie is left hand dominant too.

Cindy said...

Wow it's a thumb! Woohoo! It looks great. Isn't it amazing the simple things we take for granted.

Shannon said...

AMAZING! That is too cool.
Brody is the cutest little boy EVER. I'm sure Zoey would choose him as her boyfriend (her newest thing) if you lived closer.

Dayna said...

Wow, I love the pics, he is SO darn cute! I can't wait to hear more. Thanks for sharing this with us! I love to watch Samantha when she doesn't know I am watching to see her reactions to things like books and certain TV programs she likes.

SaRaH said...

Amazing thumb. And what a smart little reader! I hope you got a day with him.

Stacy and Jon said...

I gasped (with pleasure) when I saw the new picture. It is really amazing. Amazing is a way overused word these days, but THIS is amazing. I love his "reading" to himself. Those were 2 that I knew by heart a couple of years ago--favorites of Gemma's. Did you break out the video camera? You should!

Christine said...

Thank you for the compliments, ladies! He is still REFUSING to use the thumb. Even when driving the trike around. He uses his "thumb" to be on his left hand properly, and then on his right hand, he steers with his wrist. I guess this is why he needs OT/PT.