Monday, March 16, 2009

Nobody cared

The setting:
The new preschool, this morning.

J and I walked in with Brody, extra clothes, blankie, diapers and paperwork in hand.

I handed the teacher 20 copies of the letter (which I revised slightly still more to remove all of the "You should tell your child this" references), and explaining to her all about his hands. . .

She didn't care.

The other kids didn't care.

I mean that in the best possible way.

The teacher cared in that she listened to me.

But, still. No one thought his hands were "an issue" at all.

I watched him eat his cereal, and the other kids are just as messy with spoon and milk as he is.

Are we making this a bigger deal than we needed to? Are we creating a spectacle? Like some of the commenters said to the last post, not many people notice. Still, I'd rather have the correct information out there rather than deal with any number of inappropriate questions.

I talked to the director, and we discussed how Brody might need potty training help because he can't practically do the necessary clothing removal.

And I cautioned the teacher that Brody is not the best climber because he has low muscle tone.

And then watched as he climbed up the ladder on the in-room jungle gym (and down the slide) 14 times. He's not as sure-footed (sure-handed?) as the others, but he gets up and down.

I also discovered that I would not be adverse to being a teacher in a toddler room. Well, at least for an hour a day. With two other teachers and I wouldn't have to do diaper duty.

I stayed for about an hour, and Brody was having fun: new toys, a slide, trucks to ride on, new friends. But he still cried when I left.

Giant teardrops and loud sobs.

I called later and he had stopped crying.

I'm going to get him early.


Melissa said...

I am SO happy to hear that he did so well at preschool! Trust me, the crying thing wont stop!! They totally get how to manipulate us moms! my daughter in the 3 year old class would cry and then as soon as I was gone, a switch would turn off and she would be perfectly fine, happy and playing with the other kids...they do it just to turn the knife in our hearts a little bit! :) That is totally wonderful that he did so well and that "no one cared" about his differences. That is what I love about kids, so innocent and dont "see" the differences! :) It is awesome! I tell you, preschool was the best thing I ever did for Michael!

Jacque said...

I'm glad it went well (minus the crying)!

Tracy said...

Sometimes I wonder wether people really notice or not. But in the end sometimes I think we shield ourselves from having uncomfortable questions thrown at us too. I think at this stage of the game our little ones really don't notice or care that they are "different" and don't have thumbs.

Nicole said...

That is so awesome to hear!
I'm so happy for you guys!

Greg said...

Sounds like he is on his way ! Glad it all worked out.

SaRaH said...

Way to go Brody and Mama and Papa and everyone else at the school!

tanya or MOM said...

I think for us moms who have children who are diffrent WE seeit like WE see it. I know just what you are saying. We just want them to be and have everything that they are "capable" of. Its always that way with us standing there telling someone that they cant do this or that and low and behold they do it right in front of us! lol!

Dayna said...

YESSSSS! Awesome Chris! I am so glad to hear he is doing well & that no one cares (you know what I mean!). He will get over the you leaving him thing in no time and then there'll be no more of those tears too! :)